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Our group classes are a fun way to get fit.

They combine fat-burning aerobic movements, muscle building exercises and stretching into routines that are performed to music. All ages can benefit from group exercise. Forget watching the clock! The pace of group fitness classes makes the time fun and the energy level of the instructor makes you forget you're working hard.


Exercise in a group can be fun and beneficial. Sometimes exercise in a group is such fun that it motivates you to continue to exercise. Having someone telling you to work harder and encouraging you to take your fitness to the next level will get you there.

Make it Social

Group fitness is a great way to meet like-minded and like-motivated individuals. You'll find you share common goals and interest which can be a great motivator to work hard in class and create accountability for coming back week after week.

Learn Something New

A good class and a great instructor will show you how to work your body and muscles properly. Trying something different challenges both your mind and body, two things that ward off the effects of aging.


Motivation ties into the benefit of being challenged to work harder. You want to keep pace, meaning you will be challenged to work harder. Studies have proven that working out with a group results in a bigger calorie burn.


If you have questions about what class may be of benefit to you, see the personal training staff or any member of our aerobic team for suggestions.

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